The Katina ceremony signifies the close of the three-month Vassana period commencing on the Poya Day of Esala and terminating on the Poya Day of Nikini, and the offering of the Katina Chivaraya or Katina Robe to the Maha Sangha, who observed the Vassana Retreat. It all started from the time of the Buddha, when the disciples of the Buddha came across difficult situations when going about their Pinnapatha rounds, during the rainy season. The Buddha who listened very carefully to his disciples on this issue, permitted that they reside within the temples or monasteries, especially during this three-month rainy season, and expected that the lay supporters would very kindly look after the welfare of his disciples. Since then, the Katina ceremony is held in almost every temple and monastery during this time of the year and extends until the Il Poya Day in November. The three-month vassana period also affords the clergy and the laity to maximize this opportune period solely in the dispensation, practice and propagation of the sublime teachings of the Buddha.

The Katina ceremony

Kathina is a festival that takes place during the months of October and November. For 2500 years, families have gathered to take part in the largest alms-giving ceremony of the Buddhist year. Friends, parents and children join together in a celebration on the theme of harmony. Kathina Ceremony occurs at the end of the Vas season. During these three months of Vas season, the resident monks of the temples have been obliged by their rule not to travel unless absolutely necessary. This year, our community is delighted to host both Venerable Wajirapala Thero and Venerable Vijitha Thero at NC Buddhist temple during the Vas season. Each month, there will be two Dhamma sermon sessions, Atavisi pooja and Poya day events throughout Vas season. All these events will take place at NC Buddhist Temple on Saturdays. In addition to these main events, daily poojas, chanting pirith and meditation events will continue as usual.

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Rainy season retreat program schedule

Date/Time Event
Jul 15 at 7:00PMAtavisi Buddha Pooja
Jul 22 at 7:00PMDhamma sermon
Jul 29 at 7:00PMDhamma sermon
Aug 05 at 7:00AMNikini Full Moon Poya Day
Aug 12 at 7:00PMAtavisi Buddha Pooja
Aug 19 at 7:00PMDhamma sermon
Aug 26 at 7:00PMDhamma sermon
Sep 02 at 7:00PMAtavisi Buddha Pooja
Sep0 9 at 7:00AMBinara Full Moon Poya Day
Sep16 at 7:00PMDhamma sermon
Sep 23 at 7:00PMDhamma sermon
Sep 30 at 7:00PMAtavisi Buddha Pooja
Oct 07 at 7:00AMVap Full Moon Poya Day
Oct 13 at 7:30PMSeth Pirith Desana at the Temple
Oct 14 at 7:00AMKathina Ceremony

About Temple

North Carolina Buddhist Temple was started in March 2006. The property was partially donated by Mrs. Shanthi Wijay in memory of her parents, Mr & Mrs. Shelton P. Jayasinghe. The temple belongs to the Theravada tradition of Buddhism and operates under the guidance of Ven. Yatiiyana Wajirapala Thero.


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